GEO Composite

GEO Composite Manufacturing in Pakistan

Rock Line GEO Composite (GCM)

Impermeable Material Membrane Sheet

Rockline Composite GEO Membrane is an impermeable material composed of GEO textile and GEO membrane liners. It is used for anti seepage. The composite membrane is divided into one geo textile and one GEO membrane and two geo textiles and one GEO membrane. It is used in civil engineering, especially in flood control and emergency rescue projects and have played and important role in anti seepage, reverse filtration, drainage, reinforcement and protection.


  • Landfills, sewage, treatment plants, power plants, conditioning pools, hospitals & solid waste
  • Gardens, artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs, ponds bottom of golf courses, slope protection & green lawns.
  • For municipal engineering, subways, underground engineering of buildings, roof gardening & sewage pipes.
  • Mining, fishing ponds, tunnels, farming pounds etc.


  • Excellent anti drainage performance
  • High puncture resistance
  • High friction coefficient
  • Good aging resistance
  • Applicable to water conservancy

Composite GEO Membrane Specification

  • One GEO textile and one GEO membrane
    • GEO Textile: 100g/M2 - 1000g/M2
    • GEO Membrane Thickness: 0.1mm - 1.5mm
  • Two GEO Textile and one GEO Membrane
    • GEO Textile: 80g/M2 - 600g/M2
    • GEO Membrane Thickness: 0.25mm - 1.5mm
  • One GEO Textile and Two GEO Membrane
    • GEO Textile: 100g/M2 - 1000g/M2
    • GEO Membrane Thickness: 0.1mm - 0.75mm