GEO Textile

GEO textile Manufacturing in Pakistan

Rock Line Geo Textile (GTM)

Non Woven Needle Punched Polymer Fabric

Rockline GEO Textile is a polymer fabric woven or Non woven, used in contact with soil, rock are any geo technical material in civil engineering applications. It has very high tensile strength used in shore line protection for river banks and water ways as well as as for the membrane protection in water ponds, landfills and waste disposal. Needle punched non woven fabrics typically have high permeability as a result of high porosity and conform ability because of their high elongation Characteristics.This product is made of polypropylene or polyester GEO Textile fabrics.


  • Rockline Geo Textile are used to provide protection, filtration separation, reinforcement and drainage functions in soil, rock and west materials.
  • Rockline Geo Textile are also specifically used as separation and protection layers within structural waterproofing system..
  • Rockline geo Textile are also used for the protection and moisture mats within roofing system
  • Rockline Geo Textile are also used to fill gapes between the roads to improve soil structure.
  • Rockline Geo Textile are used to make poor soil more Beneficial for used and then easy to build in diffcult places also..


  • Excellent resistance to chemical compounds and salts normally present in the soil.
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive attacks of salts and chemicals.
  • Excellent resistance of tear and puncture

Applications Instructions

EO Textile Fabrics can be loosely laid depending on type of application and site conditions. The surface generally should be clean and free from debris and large cavity. For roof applications there should be clean substrate, either thermal insulation board are waterproofing membrane.