Bitumen Membrane in Pakistan


Bitumen Membrane Waterproofing in Lahore

Bitumenios membrane waterproofing plays the most important role in building waterproofing nowadays. There is no doubt that chemical waterproofing is also effective to some extent, but Bitumen membrane sheet is a very successful and strong waterproofing system, whether it is applied to the basement of a building or the roof, its advantages are numerous.

Bitumen membrane waterproofing is indeed a historical heritage. Because the membrane made of BITUMEN has been a tradition for centuries. If you visit all the forts and tombs of the Mughal period and visit their roofs, you will realize that BITUMEN is an ancient water proofing system.

bitumen membrane waterproofing in lahore

One of the top Bituminous & Chemical products used to protect the building from water leakage and seepage into the basement or concrete is bitumen membrane. The bitumen membrane is available in lots of sizes and shapes, fitting to your needs. It is a black, sticky, and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. A bituminous waterproofing does an amazing job at reinforced concrete roof waterproofing. All this is possible due to its brilliant waterproofing qualities as result it is so widely used in construction. Bituminous membranes are perfect for waterproofing roofs, basements, below-ground structures, bridges and lots of other structures.

We at rockline enterprises proudly provide the best services related to bitumen membrane waterproofing in Pakistan. We listen to our clients' needs patiently and come with an expert solution that is not only adequate but also of top standard. Not only the procedures are of industry standards, we have competitive prices in the field of waterproofing all over Pakistan. We care for your home and buildings, providing you peace of mind from water seepage and water leakage into the basement or concrete underneath./p>

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We apply a layer of bituminous waterproof membrane over the structural roof which acts as a shield against the seepage of water onto the roof. After that the Roof tiles & membrane is applied over the filler material in the form of a slope to pass the flow of water into drains. A proper slope is necessary to allow the water to flow steadily to drains.